Aether, a decentralized forum



I discovered a software that could be very interesting. Aether is a free software made by Burak Nehbit and it a kind of decentralized Reddit.

There is not registration, just take a nickname and let’s go. You can pike any name you want, names are not unique. So, obviously, you’re “anonymous”. You can pick identity of everybody. After writing a post, you can’t edit or delete it. Posts older than 6 months are automatically deleted.

So, this “forum” is works with boards. Everybody can create every boards they want. Every board have a main subject and you can create threads to speak about a specific subject. Just like a forum.


The interesting thing

The most interesting thing is that forum is fully decentralized. Each client is a node and messages are duplicated on all nodes. In theory, this forum can’t be censored.

Technical aspect

I started to read the source code.

In the first launching, a private RSA key (2048 bits) and a Root Certificate are generated. The software calls the website to check updates and get the public IP address on the website Aether use UPNP protocol to communicate with other nodes and use TLS 1.2 to encrypt traffic between nodes. It also use his own protocol to communicate with nodes, the Aether Protocol.

It’s all I know right now, I gonna continue to read the source code.